Best Places for Pumpkin Picking in New Jersey


What are the best places for pumpkin picking near me? Picking pumpkins from fresh pumpkin patches might turn out to be a fun activity. Commonly, Fall is the best season to go pumpkin picking. Pumpkins can be used to decorate, carve, and also make delicious pumpkin pies. It is a must to know about which would be the right pumpkins suitable for carving and cooking. All the details like the color, texture of the skin, weight, and so on must be considered. Watching out for soft spots in the pumpkins is a must as sometimes it may be deceived by appearance. For this reason, only you should know the best places for pumpkin picking in New Jersey to get the perfect pumpkins.


Best Places for Pumpkin Picking in New Jersey

pumpkin picking in New Jersey

1) Heaven Hill Farm & Garden Center, Vernon, NJ.

They conduct a great pumpkin festival which is the largest festival of the fall season in the whole state of New Jersey. The pumpkins are super fresh and will be nearly entertaining to go pumpkin picking with friendly strangers.

The farm market in this place sells locally grown fruits, vegetables, and a lot more which everyone would love to buy. There are other many activities to be explored along with pumpkin picking on the farm of heaven hill.

They conduct huge events such as earth festivals, trick or treat trails, butterfly gardening, herb workshop, and the list goes on. Usually, the pumpkin festival takes place in the months of September, October, and early November.

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2) Fairfield Farms and Greenhouse, Fairfield, NJ.

This farm has been in existence for more than a century and it has vast acres of farmlands. It also has places for other fun activities like rope maze, corn maze, and human hamster rides.

The most recognizable feature of this farmland is that they take you on hayrides for pumpkin picking. The kids would love to explore the whole of the farm in a wagon filled with hay. This is at an affordable cost and by paying just extra two bucks you can enjoy three more rounds on the hay cart.

They offer pumpkin picking activities for groups like school students, party members, and more. You can reserve earlier for such activities either through their website or by leaving them a phone call.

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3) Wightman Farms, Morristown, NJ.

This hundred year old farm is the best destination to go pumpkin picking with family members. Their farm market functions all the days of the year and they have certain timing slots. The pumpkin picking practiced here in the fall season will need tickets to be allowed.

Along with this, activities like hayrides and mazes can also be accessed with the fall festival ticket. The bright and colorful pumpkin patches would appear mesmerizing to the kids and it gives joy to their happy faces. It is a must visit farm for pumpkin picking in nj.

The cost of the tickets are priced at 25 bucks per person above the age of 3. It can be bought by going directly to the farm.

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4) ORT Farms, Long Valley, NJ.

The scenic view of this farm is the most loved by the people visiting here. This is the right option if you want to go pumpkin picking in a calming surroundings.

On weekdays there will be no much crowd coming here. Apart from the pumpkin picking festival, they also conduct a strawberry harvest festival. Our own patch of strawberries or pumpkin can be chosen. The greenhouses present here provide us with plants of our own liking to make our home garden more beautiful.

The bakery and the farm market is also a must visit spot in this farm where they sell freshly baked breads and pies.

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5) Terhune Orchards, Princeton, NJ.

This place would be loved by the kids because of the entertaining activities available like horse rides, hay mazes, pedal tractors, and a lot more rather than pumpkin picking.

The tickets for the festival organized by them can be availed through an online website. You can select the perfect pumpkin patch to find the appropriate pumpkin for decor. They have separate slots for weekends and weekdays where Saturdays and Sundays will be utmost fun.

They also have a winery which is a must visit when going to their farm. They prepare and sell a fine range of wine.

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Final Words

When deciding to for pumpkin picking with kids choose a farm where other engaging activities are also available. An animal farm would be loved by children and if you are an adult go to farms with farm markets, bakeries, and wineries.

With the above list of best places for pumpkin picking in NJ, you would have come to a conclusion on which farm to visit this Fall season.

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