Best Petting Zoos in New Jersey


Are you looking for petting zoos in New Jersey? We will present the best places to visit petting zoos in NJ in this article.

It could be a great idea to visit a petting zoo with children on a weekend for a change from regular malls and cafes.

Petting zoos are places where the animals are tamed and mostly domesticated ones are present. Sometimes there might be some wild species too.

These animals can be not only seen from a distance but also can be fed and played with. It would be the most entertaining and fun place for children and it also relaxes the minds of adults.

Deciding on which petting zoo to visit completely depends upon the ambiance of the zoo and its liking by people. Here are some of the petting zoos in NJ which you might not regret going to.


Best Petting Zoos in New Jersey

best petting zoos in NJ

Lots of Love Farm, Williamstown, NJ.

This farm turned into a petting zoo when they started rescuing animals suitable for the petting zoos. Horses, ponies, and other farm animals are maintained in this farm zoo.

They allow people to have private parties in their place like birthdays and school trips. Pony rides for children are one of the best things in this petting zoo.

The price for entering is very affordable and the pony rides can be accessed by paying just extra 3 bucks.

The money you pay will be used for rescuing more farm animals and maintaining them for the effective functioning of the petting zoo. This benefits both the animals and the people of the community.

You can directly visit the petting zoo after properly knowing the timings and there is no reservation needed.

Brookhollow’s Barnyard, Boonton Township, NJ.

The Brookhollow’s Barnyard has many animals and more fun activities for children. They offer vegetables for feeding the farm animals there and the animals are so friendly to the children.

Tractor rides can be experienced on their farm and the prices are low. Cute small ducks running around in the fields on a bright sunny day would make us happy from within for sure.

They offer other services like making space available for hosting birthday parties and other events.

They even conduct summer camp and goat yoga which are very much fun and entertaining. The tickets can be bought in person by directly visiting the farm.

Their website:

Alstede Farms, Chester, NJ.

This is one of the recognized petting zoos and farms in the state of New Jersey. They have a wide range of animals like ducks, rabbits, turkeys, goats, ponies, donkeys, and the list goes on.

Every family and children visiting there feels blissful from the bright ambiance and friendly animals jumping all around the fields.

Alstede Farms also has a farm market where we can pick our own veggies and fruits. They conduct several other activities like farm tours and farm events.

They even help in hosting parties and events to make your big day a memorable one. The kids buying the veggies for the farm animals and feeding them would surely be a wonderful sight.

Their website:

Abma’s Farm, Wyckoff, NJ.

This farm and petting zoo in NJ is available and open to visitors throughout the year. They don’t allow pets from outside.

The family going with the children can buy vegetables and feed the animals there like goats, rabbits, and ducks.

Petting the animals there can relax our minds and be fun for kids. They also conduct Fall season festivals where one can go on hayrides and pumpkin picking.

They offer pony rides from the month of May to October and the tickets are priced at $4 per person. They have a greenhouse where plants can be bought for our home gardens and they also host greenhouse workshops.

The farm market here provides gift bundles, fresh eggs, and door delivery of vegetables and other products from the farm.

Their website:

Johnson’s Corner Farm, Medford, NJ.

This petting zoo in New Jersey can be visited after getting a season pass. The animals available here for petting and feeding are goats, alpacas, horses, bunnies, and donkeys.

They function all through the year and they have an events calendar scheduled for every month. They also have splash pads for children, pedal go-karts, and huge board games.

They have separate activity lists for Spring and Fall seasons. Also, there are festivals like the blueberry festival and the sunflower festival. They have special pick-your-own in their farm markets. They provide space for hosting kids’ birthday parties on prior reservations.

With the petting zoo and a lot of other activities, children will start falling in love with this place.

Their website:

Not only the kids but even the inner child in adults would love to pet and feed farm animals. This can be fulfilled by visiting petting zoos in nj near you on a boring weekend.

With the help of the given list of petting zoos in New Jersey, one will be able to decide on which farm to visit considering the additional activities on each farm.

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