Best Places for Omelets in New Jersey


Where to find the best places for omelets in NJ near me?

Omelets are delicious food and can be had at any time of the day. Though it makes the perfect food dish for breakfast.

As eggs are high in protein most fitness freaks prefer eating 2-3 eggs a day for the protein synthesis in their body.

Instead of having a boring boiled egg, omelets made with spices can be a perfect choice. Having the best omelet lies in the hands of those who prepare it.

Thus after exploring and quite a good research here we provide the best places for omelets in New Jersey.

Have a glance at the list and choose which place to visit for your next breakfast.


Best Places for Omelets in New Jersey

best places for omelets in NJ

Meemom’s Breakfast and Lunch, Middletown, NJ.

This restaurant is located in three places in New Jersey viz Wall Township, Middletown, and Brick.

They provide top-notch breakfast and lunch both in taste and quality. They are concerned about serving food with proper hygiene and utmost cleanliness.

The omelets from this place are unique and they serve different varieties of omelets. The Jersey omelet served with pork roll and melting American cheese is to die for. Other omelets you must try might be the Havana omelet, greek omelet, and oh-so-cheesy omelet.

The last one would be greatly liked by the cheese lovers. Apart from omelets, they provide delicious french toast, pancakes, and waffles. The prices are in an affordable range and it is worth it for the healthy food they provide.


Beechwood Cafe, Jersey City, NJ.

The Beechwood cafe is located at two places in Jersey City, NJ. The ambiance of this place is so perfect for going with family and friends where you might end up sitting for hours talking.

You can indulge yourself in the tasty food they provide here and have a relaxing time. They have a range of omelets seasoned with different flavors.

The huevos rancheros variety of omelet is served with a lot of ingredients infused and it has a top-notch taste. It would be an absolute delight in the mouth for crispy corn lovers.

They have a huge list on the menu of beverages and you can take a sip along with the breakfast. The cafe functions from morning 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM.


The Bistro at Haddonfield, Haddonfield, NJ.

This place is one of the famous restaurants for breakfast and other desserts. This food place is among the list of best cafes for omelets on the app Yelp and has got good ratings from the customers.

They have more varieties of omelets than the other restaurants and it would be perfect for breakfast.

To try something different from the classic omelet types one must visit this restaurant. The plating style and the presentation of the food itself will make anyone drool over it.

Bistro Lox, Spicy Greek, New Yorker, Wild Mushroom Manchego, and a few other omelets are on their menu.

They have a huge range of options on the menu and they have a special “make it your own” choice. They also have catering services providing delicious food to make your big day memorable.


City Diner, Jersey City, NJ.

This restaurant is located in Jersey City and is one of the premium places for breakfast and other food items. They have also got a bar inside with skilled bartenders.

The ambiance and the taste of the food go hand in hand to give you an amazing experience. Breakfast, appetizers, salads, sandwiches and burgers, desserts, and beverages are the categories of menu available here.

Benedicts, cereals and yogurt, and omelets are the special breakfast items served here. Omelets are infused with many flavorings and ingredients to spice up your morning breakfast.


Amy’s Omelette House, Cherry Hill, NJ.

This restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and other food items and is the best to hang out with friends and loved ones. The food spot is located in three places viz Burlington, Cherry Hill, and Long Branch in the state of New Jersey.

They take orders online and can be picked up at their door. They serve more varieties in omelets alone.

The restaurant has ample space and it feels sufficient to spend time with family there. They are open from morning 8 to noon 2 regularly.

It is a must-try food spot if you want to taste unique omelet recipes. The prices are justifying for the quantity and quality of the food they serve.



If you are craving the tastiest omelet for breakfast or brunch then these might be the best places for omelets in New Jersey and the list is given after thorough research.

While there are more food spots in and around NJ, these are especially notable for the omelets they serve. Eggs are always a nutritious and healthy option for breaking the fast in the morning.

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