Best Cooking Classes for Kids in New Jersey


Parents, foodies, and chefs are often eager to share their passion for cooking with their children, but many don’t know where to find the best cooking classes for kids in New Jersey.

For kids from ages six to 12, taking a cooking class can provide an exciting opportunity to learn culinary skills while building confidence in the kitchen.

Here are some of the best places offering cooking classes for kids in NJ.


Cooking Classes for Kids in New Jersey

Cooking Classes for Kids in New Jersey

Bambino Chef

Bambino Chef offers classes on cooking delicious, nutritious meals that are healthy and low-calorie. Our courses are open to children ages 6–12 years old, and each student will learn how to prepare a wide variety of foods and basic kitchen safety and sanitation.

After our hands-on class, each student will be able to take their new skills home with them! Our goal is to provide both parents and children with the tools they need to prepare healthy meals at home.

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Montclair Culinary Academy

Montclair Culinary Academy, located in Montclair, NJ, offers cooking classes in Italian cuisine and French cuisine at their central location and private lessons in clients’ homes or businesses.

The private classes are great if you want to learn something specific that isn’t offered at the Montclair Culinary Academy perhaps you want to learn how to bake bread or make sushi at home or something else that isn’t provided there!

The team of instructors at the Montclair Culinary Academy, who hail from all over the world, are highly qualified, trained chefs with years of experience under their belts.

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Classic Thyme Cooking School

At the Classic Thyme Cooking School, you’ll learn everything you need to know about making delicious meals and keeping your kitchen in tip-top shape. In one fun, hands-on class, you’ll practice knife skills, sautéing, stirring, etc.

This cooking school even provides recipes to take home with you! Whether you’re looking to get into shape or want some delicious new dishes to add to your repertoire, Classic Thyme Cooking School will help you learn how to cook like a pro.

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Young Chefs Academy

The Young Chefs Academy in Morganville, NJ, offers cooking classes for kids and teens to help them learn about how to cook and eat healthily.

Whether you’re interested in nutrition or culinary arts, you can take cooking classes at the Young Chefs Academy and practice your skills as you prepare tasty meals.

Cooking classes are available at the YCA in both English and Spanish, so parents who aren’t fluent in English can still participate in their children’s classes!

Students will use their creativity to prepare healthy dishes that they can serve at home and enjoy with their families during their cooking classes.

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Chef It Up

Chef It Up, located in Nutley, NJ, offers one-stop shopping for the best food preparation and catering services.

Customers can choose from an impressive variety of ready-made meals and snacks in their store, or they can buy fresh ingredients to make their concoctions using Chef It Up’s fully stocked pantry and appliances.

However you decide to shop, you can rest assured that your food will be delicious. Chef It Up’s team of chefs strives to create amazing dishes with only the freshest ingredients and boldest flavors.

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Lil Sous Chefs Cooking School

Learning how to cook may seem overwhelming at first, but with the right approach and recipe, you can become a skilled cook in no time.

Lil Sous Chefs Cooking School offers an intensive cooking program to get you from zero to hero in under six months.

If you’re ready to learn how to cook with the best in the business, check out these tips before you apply to get into the school of your dreams!

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Kings Cooking Studio

Kings Cooking Studio offers cooking classes in Short Hills, NJ, as part of their extensive roster of cooking classes and parties. If you’re interested in learning how to cook or hosting an event, check out their calendar on the Kings Cooking Studio website.

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Passion for Spices™ Cooking School

If you want to expand your cooking skills and learn how to make delicious, authentic dishes worldwide, head over to Passion for SpicesTM Cooking School in nj.

Whether you’re an experienced cook looking to learn more about flavor pairings or spice preparation or just beginning your culinary adventure, these classes will provide you with the tools and skills you need to make delectable cuisine from scratch.

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Final Words

This is all about the best cooking classes for kids in New Jersey. With so many cooking classes to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one to sign your child up for, especially if your youngster has never taken such a class before.

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