Best Candy Stores in New Jersey


New Jersey is a wonderland where one gets a variety of commodities from different shops. It is also known as candy land. There are some Best Candy Stores in New Jersey.

New Jersey is famous for a wide range of candies with different tastes and flavors. From a child to an adult everyone has an affection for candies. The sweet taste of candies can create an addiction in many people.

One who loves to have candies will admire the quality of candies in NJ. There is a fact that raw materials are available in large quantities in NJ. This is the reason why they can produce a large number of candies.

Candies are highly demanded in the market of NJ. There are large manufacturing units that produce candies. The price of the candies depends upon the quality and raw materials.


Best Candy Stores in New Jersey

Candies are made from different types of fruits. The climate of New Jersey favours the growth and cultivation of such fruits.

The State earns a huge profit by selling the candies. The colour of the candies depends upon the flavour of the fruit.

New Jersey exports candies to other countries also. The juicy taste and the unique flavour satisfy the craving of every candy lover.

1) Black River Candy, NJ

Among the candy stores, Black River Candy is very much famous for its candies. It can also be referred to as the queen of candy stores. The store contains  New Zealand’s best candies.

It is also famous for producing fresh candies. This shop has its manufacturing unit. A large number of candies get manufactured every day. Among the candies, cotton candy is very much famous in this shop.

Colourful jellies are also available in this shop. Their slimy texture and sweet taste are favoured by many chocolate lovers.

Location – Chester

Website –

2) Rauhauser’s Candy Shop

This is a very renowned shop in New Jersey. It is one of the oldest shops in Ocean  City. The shop is run by the family members of Rauhauser’s Candy.

It is also their family business. The authentic taste of their candies attracts many people in New Jersey. The most interesting fact is that they maintain a proper delicacy while making the candies.

Along with candies, the shop is famous for varieties of chocolates, pastries, and pancakes.

On occasions like birthday parties and Christmas, they make special candies. Home delivery is also available here.

Location – Ocean City

Website –

3) Aunt Charlotte’s Candies

All the candies available in this shop are homemade. Among the best candy stores in New Jersey, this candy shop is very much popular. The shop is run by women.

Her code of conduct is very nice. The taste of the candies as well as her sweet behaviour attracts many people in New Jersey.

Along with their tastes, she maintains uniqueness in her candies. Toy-shaped candies are also available in this shop.

On Easter Day people can buy special types of candies. They will get a good amount of discount on this special occasion.

Location – Merchantville

Website –

4) Candilicious

This candy shop is famous for kids. They like to go and buy candies from this shop. Different types of candies like toys- shaped candy, jellies, and chocolates are available in this shop.

Besides buying candy, kids can also play games in this shop. It is a candy parlour. On buying candies they get gifts.

Among the best candy stores in New Jersey, this shop is entirely made for kids.On weekdays kids like to visit this shop with their parents. This shop aims to provide fresh and good quality candies.

Location – Randolph

Website -

5) Mrs. Hanna Krause Candy

This shop is run by women. It is one of the best candy stores in New Jersey. The delicious taste of the candies attracts many people. Besides, one can give candies as a birthday gift or on any special occasion.

Being one of the best candy stores in New Jersey it competes with other candy shops.

Besides selling candy, it is well known for fruit cultivation. The flavour of the fruits adds a good taste to the candies.

This candy shop is located on the busiest streets of New Jersey. This is the reason why the shop earns a huge profit.

Location – Paramus and Toms River

Website –

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The large production of candies made New Jersey the most demanded state. There are some best candy stores in New Jersey which made the state very much famous.

However other states are also trying to compete with New Jersey. But the large candy production in NJ made them fail to win their aspect.

The high demand for candies is increasing day by day. That’s why candy-producing units in New Jersey are also increasing equally.

In the coming years, the love and affection for candies will surely increase. People will get to know and have more varieties of candies with definite tastes and flavours.

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