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Burgers, originating in Hamburg, Germany, is still rocking the taste buds with its mouthwatering recipes worldwide. The Best Burgers in New Jersey leave even the most hardcore critic’s jaw dropped and are considered archetypal American food. MC Donald’s and Burger King are the most familiar and commonplace dispensers of burgers to the masses.

Food lovers from different nations have a wholesome bucket list to round off in this state of the mid-Atlantic. The foodie’s priority is to taste the various burger recipes in NJ. Are you a foodie too? Pick the best venue to catch your appetite with the jaw-dropping savor.


Best Burgers in New Jersey

best burgers in new jerseyThese are some restaurants where burgers are in exceptional demand in this city. The best burgers in New Jersey’s list go on, and here they are:

1) Burgerstrasse, Clifton

Burger Strasse is one of the well-renowned fast-food restaurants in the city of NJ, which is explicitly famous for its stocks of burgers. This place is like a neighborhood burger shop for customers. If you love burgers, you must visit this place for a better-tasting experience.

They use quality ingredients that are freshly baked, cooked, and always ready to be served. Burger Strasse aims to amaze customers with its unique recipes, smash-style patties, and freshly ground beef. They layer the Burger with care and move forward with a simple motto- where it is real, ring true by maintaining their burger textures that makes their shop even more demanding. Creating a perfect burger is an art, and they strive to nail this form of art.

Location – Clifton, New Jersey

Website link –

2) Krug’s Tavern

Kruger’s tavern is the most famous burger shop in New Jersey, which had a grand opening in March 1932. They have been rocking the city with their recipe creation for nearly a century. This place is not only famous for its burgers, but also its well-maintained services around the city. These legendary burgers are freshly made with their sesame-laden buns.

This is a hot spot in Newark for burgers but is also well known for its astounding services and facilities. They carefully all the ingredients and work on the progress every year. If you want to experience finger-licking hamburgers, you must visit this restaurant, which provides you with an impressive ambiance.

Location – Newark, New Jersey

Website Link –

3) Montclair Dinner

The most notable fact about Montclair dinner is that they serve the simplest burgers. This fact can be confusing at times, as creating a simple burger and gaining popularity do not go hand in hand. In other words, to make it sound more accurate, they serve the simplest burgers with nothing but perfection. The burgers are made traditionally, making them nostalgic and toothsome.

If you want to refresh your memories of what actual burgers taste like, you must stop by this place. They create the simplest burgers with their charbroiled patty and exemplary toppings that can remind any foodie of the reason why burgers are more popular in northeastern US states. Montclair Diner serves you absolute justice to the legacy of burgers that can win the heart of any food geek.

Location – Montclair, New Jersey

Website Link –

4) Steve’s Burgers

No, this is neither a restaurant nor a shop; Steve’s Burgers is a roadside stall on Garfield Road. It is named the 15th Best Burger in the country for its weekly burger creation. Cooking is a form of art, and one can be called a perfectionist when one nail this form of art. Steve’s Burger has shown their customers why they choose them instead of other shops.

They serve their customers with their special six-ounce chunky patty that can make any food lovers crave more. Their astonishing creations can blow any foodie’s mind; they took the standard of Burger to a much higher level. These burger stores are well recommended for enthusiasts as their taste is impeccable.

Location – Garfield, New Jersey

Website Link –

5) Diesel and Duke

Diesel and duke is one of the most popular spots to grab a perfect burger. They are chained across the whole of jersey in Caldwell, Montclair, and Jersey City. Their burgers have a thin patty, crispy beef, bacon, jalapeno, spicy mayo, and caramelized onions. Their burger texture and creation are beyond delightful, and that’s what makes it crave-worthy.

Location – Princeton, 124 Nassau Street, New Jersey

Website Link –

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When traveling to New Jersey, you want to take advantage of these burgers-specialized restaurants. If you’re craving something good, you can’t go wrong with any of these best burger spots in New Jersey as they are in a class of their own, and they’ll make sure you’re well-sated with your food desire.

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