Best Breweries in New Jersey


New Jersey is well known for its stunning coastline, beach resort towns, and lengthy winters. These days, however, the state is also home to many of the finest brewers in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions.

The third state in our country, officially dubbed the Garden State by Abraham Browning, has a rich list of breweries that you should visit, and it is highly recommended that you do so. Browning is quoted as saying that the Garden State “is an enormous barrel, filled with good things to eat and open at both ends,” with New Yorkers grabbing from one end of the barrel and Pennsylvanians grabbing from the other of the barrel.

So it is according to the Official Site of the State of New Jersey. Although New York is home to many excellent breweries and Pennsylvania lacks top-notch taprooms, New Jersey should not be disregarded because of its thriving craft beer industry.


Best Breweries New Jersey

We are breathing fresh life into the Garden State with this article. We have located the best taprooms you can visit as you travel 150 miles from top to bottom.

It is not a streamlined version of a city guide. Going to all these locations means you won’t be able to use public transportation or walk there. Instead, you will have to load up the vehicle and go off on the road. However, the fact that this is the case makes the journey worthwhile. In Best Breweries New Jersey, a shack is in the middle of a field that sells growlers filled with some of the state’s finest beer. You will find a brewery operated by a guy who practises brewing as if it were a religion. You’ll also find two breweries that made it into our list of the top forty women-led breweries in the nation, which you’ll encounter along the way.

Best Breweries in New Jersey1) Troon Brewing Top Breweries in New Jersey

The Troon Brewing Company is responsible for producing some of the highest-quality beer in the state. Alex Helms, the founder and head brewer of the company, creates beers of the highest calibre, ranging from hazy IPAs to rare pilsner. However, there is a caveat: the brewery is smaller. In point of fact, given their size, supply is restricted. Because of this, releases are hard to come by and highly sought for.

Because of this, if you want to get your hands on a crawler or an occasional bottle of Helms’ newest brew, you’ll need to keep an eye on Instagram. The Troon social media app is the only place where the company will announce new beer launches. They will delete the link to buy once it has reached its maximum capacity in the article announcing their most recent release.

Address – 130 Hopewell Rocky Hill Rd, Hopewell, NJ, United States, New Jersey

Website –

2) The Referend Bier Blendery

The Referend Bier Blendery is another one of the Hop Culture team’s all-time favourites, and it’s just twenty minutes away from Troon, which is convenient.

Since 2016, the company’s founder, James Priest, has been producing beers with spontaneous fermentation as if it were his religion. Looking at the current bottle list, it’s almost like you’re strolling through an orchard. For example, a spontaneously fermented pale wheat ale was conditioned on “spent fruits” from the harvest of 2020, such as blackberries and red raspberries from New Jersey. And a golden lager that was brewed on native New Jersey yuzu and went through spontaneous fermentation.

Address – 407 Old Route 22. Kutztown, PA 19530

Website –

3) Kane Brewing

Co-Owner Michael Kane was a successful homebrewer for many years before he opened the brewery that bears his name. The competitive spirit that earned him medals served him well in his professional life.

When it comes to the New Jersey craft beer sector, Kane has long been considered an OG. Since its founding in 2011, Kane Brewing has distinguished itself by producing Imperial stouts and Indian pale ales (IPAs) of consistently high quality. But the thing that has astonished us the most over the last ten years is that Kane’s popularity has increased.

Address – 1750 Bloomsbury Ave, Ocean Township, NJ 07712, United States

Website –

4) Double Nickel Brewing

The co-founders of Double Nickel Brewing Company, Drew Perry, Brian Needham, Bob Dalsey, and John Dalsey, founded the brewery to produce excellent beer and make unforgettable memories, and have an effect on the world. However, we’ve discovered something remarkable at Double Nickel Brewing Co.

For example, the brewery makes a Thanksgiving-themed beer called Friends Giving Potluck-style IPA every year. All of the earnings from the sale of this beer go to support local groups in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Virginia working to reduce the prevalence of food poverty. More than $200,000 has been donated to Friends Giving over the last two years.

Address – 1585 NJ-73, Pennsauken Township, NJ 08110, United States

Website –

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Closing Remarks

New Jersey, sometimes known as the Garden State of the United States, has a vast range of destinations available for tourists. It is one of the states with many breweries dedicated to producing craft beer. There are at least 134 breweries in operation in the state, and we have selected the ones that will provide you with the most enjoyable and memorable taproom experiences throughout your life.

Suppose you need to become more familiar with the regulations of New Jersey. In that case, I have some information for you: Breweries in the state will no longer be serving food, but the vast majority will allow customers to bring snacks inside the establishment.

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