9 Best Breakfast Spots In New Jersey


Are You Looking For the Best Breakfast Spots In New Jersey? Check This Out Here.

Jersey is a foodie’s dream. Jersey has everything from beachside cafes to fancy restaurants for every taste and budget. You may find a wide variety of the Best breakfast spots in NJ.

If you’re looking for an excellent place to have breakfast in NJ, here are a few suggestions.


Best Breakfast Spots In New Jersey

best breakfast spots in New Jersey

  1. The Hungry Man

The Hungry Man is a cozy pub on Rozel Bay’s harbor. Well-known for its “Double Decker Health Wrecker” breakfast roll. On Sunday mornings, folks flock to the dock waiting for breakfast at The Hungry Man.

The Hungry Man provides excellent value with its large meals and low prices. Summer hours are 24/7; however, you may find it closed during the colder months. There is nowhere to sit indoors; this is a significant drawback on wet days.

Location: Rozel Bay, New Jersey

Website: The Hungry Man

2. El Tico Beach Cantina

El Tico, located on the 5-mile road near St. Ouen, is the Best breakfast spot in New Jersey for many Jersey locals and visitors alike. Menu staples such as the Full Breakfast, Cantina Veggie, and El T’s Hearty Healthy Breakfast are available. Fantastic vistas of St. Ouens Bay may be seen from here.

Weekends and summer holidays are notorious for long wait times because they do not accept reservations. You are welcome to sit outside if the weather is favorable. Being near several surf schools, El Tico is a popular destination for surfers. Ample parking spaces are available upfront.

When the parking lot is complete, the restaurant will likely be packed, meaning a lengthy wait for diners.

Locations: Gd Rte des Mielles, Jersey JE3 7FN, Jersey

Website: https://elticojersey.com/

3. Le Braye – Best Breakfast Spots in New Jersey

The outside seating at Le Braye, located on the 5-mile drive, provides stunning views of St. Ouens Bay. Plenty of indoor seating is available. However, reservations are recommended for wet weather.

The ‘Lifesaver,’ similar to a full English breakfast, is just one of several options on the menu; others include healthy options like handmade Granola. The parking lot directly across from it is large and free of charge. From both St. Helier and the airport, you may catch the 22 bus, which has a stop just outside.

When summer rolls around, the 12 may make stops along 5 Mile Road, but you should call ahead to confirm service times and schedules.

Location: West of Torgon in the canton of Valais

Website: https://www.lebraye.com/

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4. The Gunsite Beach Cafe

The Gunsite, conveniently situated on the primary route between St. Helier and St. Aubin, provides stunning panoramas over St. Aubins Bay. The Gunsite serves enormous helpings of traditional American breakfast foods. You can get a veggie, meat, or a special Scottish breakfast with square sausage and tattie scones.

Location:  La Route de la Haule, Jersey JE3 7YD, Jersey

Website: Gun Site Cafe

5. Plemont Bay Beach Cafe

Famous for its enormous American breakfasts, Plemont Bay Cafe has gained a loyal following. The islands of Guernsey, Sark, and Herm may be seen from a window seat thanks to the plane’s small size and courteous staff.

If you’d like to visit this cafe outside of its peak seasons, call ahead to confirm the hours of operation. It’s best to park at the top of the hill beside Plemont Fort and stroll down the steps, as parking is often scarce at the cafe, especially in the summer.

Location: Rte de Plemont, Jersey JE3 2BD, Jersey

Website: Plemont Bay Beach Cafe

6. Kismet Cabana

On Ouaisne Bay’s shoreline, you’ll find Kismet Cabana. Despite its inaccessibility by public transportation, visitors can drive to Ouaisne and park, then walk across the beach from St. Brelade. They serve delicious meals throughout the day, and their breakfast menu is no exception.

Dishes like the “good morning dahl” (lentils, poached eggs, and tomato on toasted ciabatta) are influenced by cuisines worldwide and made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Locations: Rue de Ouaisne St Brélade JE, JE3 8AN, Jersey

Website: https://www.kismetcabana.com/

7. The Breakwater Cafe

East of the island, at St. Catherine’s Breakwater, is where you’ll find Breakwater Cafe. The breakwater is a launch point for rib trips out to the Ecrehous and across to France, and the breakwater cafe is an excellent location to stop before or after a journey out on the water.

Locations: 199 Dallas Rd, Victoria, BC V8V 1A2, Canada

Website: https://thebreakwatercafe.com/

8. The Driftwood Cafe

If you’re traveling around the island’s coast, stop at this unassuming cafe on Archirondel Beach. You can choose the veggie breakfast or the entire English breakfast sandwich if you don’t eat meat.

Location: 1102 3rd Ave, Spring Lake, NJ 07762, USA

Website: https://www.driftwoodcoffeehouse.com/

9. The Yard

In case you find yourself in St. Helier, this is where you should go for brunch. At the Weighbridge, you’ll find a coffee shop and restaurant called The Yard. Everything is made from scratch in-house, earning high restaurant marks for its “creative, intelligent, and honest” cuisine. The brunch boxes are also available for island-wide delivery.

Locations: 55 Park Pl, Newark, NJ

Website: The Yard


Do you want to avoid the hassle of preparing a meal on the weekend and head to one of these best breakfast spots in nj spots instead? If so, you’ll find this NJ restaurant guide an invaluable resource for the Best breakfast spots in New Jersey.

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