Best Tea Houses in New Jersey


It is always a nice idea to take a friend or a loved one to the best tea room for a change. Every stress and anxiety would be relieved when you discuss life and pretty much everything while spinning on a cup of tea. The ambiance of the place should be soothing and the taste of the tea is very much important. The rich aroma of the tea will itself drag you for making more reservations at the tea houses. To engage in such a delightful moment we have presented here some of the best tea houses in New Jersey where freshly prepared tea will keep you coming for more.


Best Tea Houses in New Jersey

Best Tea Houses in New Jersey

1) High SocieTea House, Wayne, NJ.

This is the perfect tea spot to have an amazing sip of tea. They have a variety of options on the menu and they provide additional food in the chosen category. The ambiance will mesmerize you and the people visiting here will have no heart to leave the place quickly.

They also take orders online and provide tea and food for events and private parties. It is the perfect place for people who feel they have missed out on the olden days of gathering at tea houses. This spot will definitely give a unique experience for people visiting here.


2) The Nutty Duchess Tea Room, Collingswood, NJ.

They serve traditionally flavored teas as well as fruity or flowery flavored ones. The way they serve the tea and other dishes is something to be mentioned. The presentation of the platter is done so well that you can’t take your eyes off it.

The flavors added to their tea are so unique. They provide teas like cranberry orange, chocolate mint, pumpkin chai, earl gray, and much more noticeable flavors of tea. They also serve decaffeinated teas as specialties in their shop.

Apart from teas, the salads and scones are so yummy and are a must try from the tearoom’s menu. They also carry out catering services and can be booked online or by contacting by phone.


3) Teaberry’s Tea Room, Flemington, NJ.

The Teaberry’s Tea room has the best ambiance and setup. It is perfect for gathering around in the evening with some friends or family members. The Victorian decor arrangement is the highlight of this place. They follow the English tradition in the preparation and serving of tea and food.

Reservation or pre-booking is mandatory to visit here for a good pot of tea. They are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The waiters here are so down to earth and serve the customers the right way.

They help in sending the loved one a gift certificate through their online portal. This 17-year-old tea house provides elite afternoon teas and salads.


4) The New Leaf Tea Room and Gift Shoppe, Riverton, NJ.

This outstanding tea house serves themed teas and delightful flavored ones. They provide teas under different categories of menus such as royal teas, children’s tea parties, and private or group tea parties.

This tea spot has thrived for more than 30 years and in the present day serves thirty varieties of tea. Afternoon tea is served on selective days of the week. They work by only the reservation method and the tea seating must be reserved well in advance.

This is a classic tea house and there will be a memorable experience after visiting here. The most recognized feature is that they also run a gift shop where premium gifts can be purchased for loved ones.


5) Mambo Tea House, Rutherford, NJ.

This tea house is not a traditional one like others. This is for people who want a modern tea house set up where there are more food options.

It’s a Cuban restaurant with a Latin kitchen. The most favorite part of this tea house is their empanadas menu and it tastes so yummy. They have a bright ambiance to lift up the mood of anyone entering the place. They have both takeaway and dine-in options.

They recommend making reservations denoting the timings and number of persons visiting the place. Presently they have also opened a new outdoor cafe. Catering services from this place are top notch and they serve high classic teas.


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As everyone would love to drink a hot beverage along with some salads and sandwiches it will never be a bad idea to step into any of the above mentioned tea houses.

Going alone or with a nice company, it will be a great experience in drinking tea from some of the best tea houses in NJ. While there are quite a lot of entertainment places and other high-end cafes, having a traditional cup of tea will always be a pleasant moment.

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