Best Places for Milkshakes in New Jersey


Who would say no to a thick and tasty milkshake? It has become a common drink to opt for when hanging out. Rather than basic chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry milkshakes there exist a variety of flavors and toppings along with that adds an edge to the beverage. Milkshakes can be made by anyone and even prepared at home. But bringing out the top-notch taste in it is the real task. To avoid hassle it is better to step into a cafe that provides a milkshake rich in taste. Here we present to you some of the best places for milkshakes in New Jersey and the list will make the job easy for you.


Best Places for Milkshakes in New Jersey

Milkshakes in New Jersey

1) Left Bank Burger Bar, Jersey City, NJ.

As the name says this place is famous for their tangy and yummy burgers. A good large glass of milkshake can be ordered along with other food like burgers and french fries. They have really a secret ingredient in their preparation of their milkshakes as it tastes so good.

The shop is quite spacious and it creates an ambiance for hanging out with friends and loved ones. They have different kinds of food ranging from appetizers, sandwiches, and salads. Coming back to milkshakes, the oreo milkshake and cotton candy flavored Rockin’ blue milkshake are the most ordered ones.

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2) Coney Waffle, Belmar, NJ.

This shop named the Coney Waffle is quite famous in the state of New Jersey. Having opened the main branch in the city of Belmar, they have multiple branches in other areas like Red Bank and Asbury Park. This cafe is especially known for the waffles and ice cream cakes. Talking about the milkshakes given here, they are always majestic in appearance and extremely yum in taste.

They infuse the milkshake with additional ingredients like crumbled brownies, oreos, chocolates like kitkat, and much more. Whipped cream toppings are the best with a touch of grated chocolate on top of it. It is the right place if you are a big time sweet tooth person.

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3) Milk and Cream Cereal Bar, Jersey City, NJ.

Milk and Cream Cereal Bar in a unique cafe where every ice cream or milkshake you order will be infused with at least one cereal. This cereal can be chosen by the customer. They have dine-in, takeaway, and also delivery options. Every milkshake here can be ordered with the chosen cereal, a flavor of sweet syrup, and any type of toppings.

The cereals are of different varieties like cinnamon toast crunch and apple jacks. Ice creams served here are mainly loved by the people visiting this place. The ambiance is something to be appreciated. They keep the place so clean and refreshing for their customers to enjoy the food.

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4) Cookman Creamery, Asbury Park, NJ.

This dessert shop located in the city of Asbury Park is specialized for the artisanal food they serve here. Be it ice cream or milkshake they add no preservatives or artificial ingredients. The natural flavor infused in the milkshakes gives an original and raw taste. As a healthy option they also provide ice creams infused with herbs and traditional flavorings.

Famous milkshake flavors used here are butterscotch, espresso, and lavender flavored honey infusion. Cakes and pies can be ordered online from them. They have two separate categories in their menu as vegan and traditional. It is a must try spot.

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5) Brownstone Pancake Factory, Edgewater, NJ.

This cafe has been serving people with food for more than 40 years and is one of the reputed spots in the state of New Jersey. They are experts in making cakes, milkshakes and ice creams from years of experience. They have more than 15 flavors of signature milkshakes.

The waffle ice cream sandwich shake is the must try from Brownstone Pancake Factory. They serve most of their thick shakes in a mason jar which looks wholesome and tastes the best. Other than milkshakes they have a whole list of menu items like breakfast, brunch, lunch, and more.

The staff here are friendly and treat their customers warmly. Oreo milkshake infused with chocolate syrup and whipped cream topping is the commonly ordered one. Apart from the branch in the township of Borough they have other two branches located in Englewood Cliffs, NJ and Brick, NJ.

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A good shake comes from only an expert chef. These are some of the best places for milkshakes in New Jersey. Still there are a lot of cafes and dessert spots which serve milkshakes and juices. After visiting these top places, one can explore other cafeterias and creameries to find the best food items. It should be fun to know the signature dishes of all the eating spots in New Jersey.

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