Best Caterers in New Jersey


Catering services are found to be very essential during events like marriages or any gatherings be it huge or small. Caterers are the people who provide a large quantity of food for money wherever required. They aim at satisfying people with both quantity and quality in the food. The items in the menu can be customized and every food can be chosen according to our liking. Some of the best caterers in New Jersey are mentioned below. You can choose the appropriate one for your grand event from the list.


Best Caterers in New Jersey

Caterers in New Jersey

1) Moghul Caterers, Edison, NJ.

Moghul catering services providing their creative and authentic food through catering wide across the state of New Jersey, is one of the top caterers in the city.

They mainly aim at serving an Indian menu for any occasion. They also have a variety of other food categories like Indo-chinese and world intermix food.

They can provide service for any size of event if booked well in advance. Talking about the taste of their food there could be no one beating them.

The traditional Indian flavors are infused perfectly and it just tastes so good. They have even received multiple awards for offering the best food and catering service.

The team members are experts in serving with style along with utmost politeness.

Link to their website:

2) CHOC-O-PAIN, Jersey City, NJ.

 This is a french cafe located in the city of Jersey. Apart from catering services they also have a bakery functioning as a place to hangout for food.

Their catering services are something to be considered as amazing. They can provide for any event like a birthday party, business meeting, wedding, and so on.

They are known for providing space for hosting events which can accommodate 30 – 40 people. They have a well-versed team who works as chefs and waiters.

They have unique savories as specialties of their shop and the food items can be customized. It can be easily ordered through their website or by directly reaching them out.

Link to their website:

3) Word Of Mouth Catering, Jersey City, NJ.

This small catering service provider has quite an impressive menu. They provide food with top notch taste even for huge events and parties. They are most ready to discuss the whole planning about the food with their customers for their big day.

There is transparency between the caterer and the customer. The whole team  works to satisfy the food requirements in the event and never compromise on quality of the food. The fine catering service is provided to many states like Pennsylvania and New York.

Prices are very affordable and yet the menu includes sufficient items. You can book them either through contacting through mail or directly visiting in person.

Link to their website:

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4) Mason Catering Services Inc, Englewood, NJ

Located in Brooklyn and Englewood they provide catering services across the state of New Jersey. The famous cuisines from here are American, Jamaican, Japanese, and Chinese. Be it any event like church gathering, birthday party, an official meeting, they know how to serve the right food.

The menu can be customized by adding or removing certain food items. They provide services at prices that cannot be competed with other caterers. This catering business is a certified one and they have staff who treat customers with warmth.

Along with the food, the plates and bowls they use for serving are so sleek and wholesome. Definitely a must try catering service company is Mason.

Link to their website:

5) Olive & Shae Catering, Mullica Hill, NJ.

As unique as the name is, this catering company focuses on providing food crafted with love in the plates of their customers. They don’t believe in the idea of serving boring typical dishes on every occasion or event. They add an extra edge to the event by making the list of food items on the menu unique.

Every customer ordering the catering service will be different and stand out from each other. They understand this well and create separate menus for each customer. The taste of the food is extraordinary is the only thing heard from the testimonials.

The display of the food is also done in an aesthetic way which would make anyone drool over the food. They can manage to provide food for whichever size of event.

Link to their website:

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It is most important to treat the guests with good food in all aspects like taste, quantity, hygiene, and warm service. It lies in the hands of the caterers to get this done perfectly. Produced to you the best caterers in NJ now you can choose one amongst the list. There are more good catering service agencies out there, but this list is the top notch of all.

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