Best Book Stores in New Jersey


What are the Best Book Stores in New Jersey? Bookstores are a community’s mainstay. They’re frequently used as social gathering places for friends to reconnect, for parents to encourage their children to read, and for fans to honor an author by getting a book signed. Local businesses have been doing everything they can to adapt to our new way of life over the last year.

The thrill of discovering an unexpected new book or a great price makes book hunting one of the most enjoyable aspects of reading. It’s difficult to pick just one excellent book store in New Jersey because there are so many. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best book stores in New Jersey for your convenience.


Best Book Stores in New Jersey


WORD is a contemporary bookstore with events, book clubs, e-books, and a café. They host genre clubs, live readings, and open talks, among other things. It’s small, but it’s well-rounded and offers a lot.

They’ve made book purchasing easy for you by offering books, stationery, and other items on their website. They also provide subscriptions and mystery boxes.

Location – 29 McWilliams Pl Jersey City, NJ 07302

Website –

Watchung Booksellers

Watchung is a fantastic community bookshop with a wide range of books, including all of the essentials in fiction, travel, and more. They also offer local authors’ published books and collaborate with the library and schools on local events. They opened their doors at the same time that a little company called Amazon began selling discounted books on the internet.

The store resembles a cocktail party of stories and ideas, with platters of book covers laid out in front of you. This bookstore is truly a gathering place for the community. The frantic crew allows you to shop without being bothered, and they know their way around the store like it’s their home.

Location – 54, Fairfield Street, Watchung Plaza, Montclair, NJ 07042

Website –

Labyrinth Books

This is Princeton University’s official bookshop, but it also serves the Princeton community. Labyrinth is a little book labyrinth with books from many genres. The store is small enough that you won’t get lost, yet there’s plenty to keep you busy for a couple of hours.

They can order books in philosophy, theology, literature, and a variety of other areas on your behalf. Throughout the month, they host author lectures, signings, and other events.

Location – Princeton, NJ 08542

Website –

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As a small-town bookshop, this establishment strives to create a welcoming, familial atmosphere for both locals and visitors.

Their goal is to be as accommodating as possible. They are unique in that they employ over 100 young people with autism, and readers of all ages will feel at ease because they carry modern fiction, children’s books, and classics. Check out their staff choices if you’re looking for a new book.

Location – 179 Maplewood Avenue, Maplewood, NJ 0704

Website –

Book Trader of Hamilton

Check out Book Trader of Hamilton for savings and special offers on gently used paperbacks and more if you’re a fan of secondhand books. They offer their own store credit system where you can sell your books for store credit that you may apply toward future purchases.

Their website has further information. They also conduct a variety of discussions and have a concept called a “blind date with books,” in which they gather 5 books for you and just tell you the genre; the rest is a surprise.

Location – 2421 Nottingham Way, Hamilton, NJ 08619

Website –

Town Book Store

This bookstore first opened its doors in the year 1934. Despite numerous hurdles and the fact that many books are now read digitally, this business continues to thrive. They attribute their continued success to their loyal consumers, who have supported them since 1934.

TBS’s product is well-edited and tailored to our clients’ needs. The shop’s attractiveness stems from personalized services such as quick turnaround on custom orders, pleasant, helpful personnel, author signings, out-of-print book searches, book club discounts, and complimentary gift wrapping.

Location – 270 E, Broad St. Westfield, NJ 07090

Website –

Montclair Book Center

The Book Center has a large range of new and old books in a variety of genres. The smell of ancient books and stories yearning to be reread greets you as soon as you enter. You’ll lose track of time wandering the shelves.

Their team has a lot of experience and can give you good suggestions, but they believe that reading is largely a matter of personal choice. They also provide notebooks, puzzles, music-related posters, and much more, in addition to books ranging from classic literature to popular fiction.

Location – Montclair Book Center 221 Glenridge Ave Montclair, NJ 07042

Website –

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Whether you’re a fiction reader or a person interested in a specific genre, whether you’re looking for the next bestseller novel or a gently-used paperback edition of an old favorite, the best book stores in NJ provide you with endless hours of book gathering.

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